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Hi O-Forum,

Selling my Fourth Edition Polished and Emerald Slate lens Ichiro Juliets. I have given the most accurate description and their history below.

History: Purchased these a long time ago (maybe 2009?) as a part of my Ichiro collection. Frame came new with lens being slightly scratched (I think these were a display pair from the Oakley Store as there is a Oakley Store Stamp on the box). Being fussy, I replaced the original lens with brand spanking new Emerald Ichiro Lens. They have sat in their box since then.

Lens: 9.5/10. Mint condition nothing noticeable. Maybe some micro-marks but I cannot see anything in under spotlight. Put a 9.5 to be safe. These are very mint and I would be surprised if you saw anything.

Frame: 9.5/10. Mint condition.

Serial: No serial.

Rubbers: 10/10. Mint Condition, green. Please note, these are the larger 25 temple shox and the larger nose rubbers.

Box: Box is in good condition. Has a piece of paper taped to it, never removed. Stamped "O-Store" on the side bar code sticker, with a clear matching description to the glasses. According to the box, these are the 3,417th pair made (under the bar code it states 12-684-A03417). Box also has the Juliet coin.

Price: $645 USD. Payment to be made via PayPal friends/gift.

Additional: Will be sent in a brand-new authentic Oakley micro bag and be packed to the EXTREME.

Shipping: International Priority Express Shipping from Australia for $45 USD. Tracking will be provided.

Guys/Gals, I take a lot of pride in my collection and I hope the purchaser enjoys them as much as I have. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to mention below or contact me directly via PM.


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