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  1. sundance

    sundance Oakley Beginner

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    I'm new to the "Forum" & I enjoy reading people's knowledge & skill regarding these shades. They really are works of art, especially the X-Metal run.
    I bought my 1st pair of X-Metal XX's in 2001. They're still mint. Although they're the X-Metal gray w/ black iridium lenses I really like the way they fit my face. They have a timeless look even after 13 years.
    Changing the subject, somebody at my job found a pair of polished Juliets. I mean,I saw these things sitting at work and they were "F'd" up. I picked em up & it was like picking up a dead crab up off the beach. They were limp & lifeless. The flex couplers were crap and so were the earsocks. The original
    Fire Iridium ( non-polarized ) were scratched up FUBAR.
    So, long story short, I got them for $0.00. Got a tune up & bought all the authentic rare color lenses & rubber I could get my hands on w/out spending a fortune. I got 2 ruby, 3 emerald, 1 ice blue & yes, 1 brand spanking new pair of IH lenses. The IH lenses look beautiful with the Ichiro blue rubber.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakley-olic

    Oakley-olic Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Welcome to the forum. Post some pics.