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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by Unknowndoom, 8/12/11.

  1. Unknowndoom


    Okay I'm working on designing a case with the help of my shops engineer, I'm the right hand man (almost foreman but not quite as it's a fabrication shop) at a fabrication shop and we have petty high tech machining capabilities in house and great fabricators, I'm asking in the ideal case what should I include to make it amazing, what do y'all wish your cases had, ect. Andd what kind of styling should I aim for, the Oakley slam fake bolts into everything look, or something more clean?

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  2. SpliceD


    Oakley's new cases seem to be straying away from the industrial look. Most of the newer cases i've seen are black and sleek with a simple white Oakley logo at the top.

    The only thing i would change about the current Oakley case design is the lighting. Having LED's showcase the frames on each shelf would be pretty awesome.

  3. Unknowndoom


    I was contemplating lit glass, so each shelf lights up, and then have sheets on the bottoms of cut and painted steel with possibly cut outs on the bottom, maybe oakley o's or something, but I want it to be a bit more unique then most, also I think I'm gonna do raised metal over metal, hard to explain but think a simple corner, with another corner on top with cut outs, and spacers in between so you can see throughout the cut outs to the first corner

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