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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by JizzleShizzle, 5/31/11.

  1. JizzleShizzle


    Hello Oakley Forum Dwellers and Trolls. I have come here to demand information on my old pair of 'oakley' sun glasses...

    I have had these glasses for years... possibly since child hood. Due to the extreme amount of drugs I pump into my body each day, it cause major memory loss. So i do not remember where and when i got these..

    What i can tell you about them...

    The Frame, seems like a plastic type material, the silver paint has chipped in some areas where most friction would be and under reveals a black base. so silver paint over a black frame... The bridge of the nose has the Oakley trademark and doesn't rub off, and has stayed on there through the stress of wear and tear.

    The Arms, are held onto the frame by a single 'bolt' on the bottom of the frame (i say bolt because i don't see a screw head.) They are covered with a rubber tube-like thingy.The left rubber arm thingy has a raised "MADE IN U.S.A". and on the right rubber thingy arm, has a raise 'CE.'

    The lens', pop out and in very easily and a loud 'pop' could be heard when inserting the lens. They are very clear, and protect my eyes from the solar rays well.

    Here are some shitty pictures. Sorry about the quality

    IDENTIFY THESE OAKLEYS - 25093710150189751122062.jpg

    IDENTIFY THESE OAKLEYS - 24673110150189750477062.jpg

    So there you have it. I challenge you guys to tell me what the **** these are!!
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  2. FrogTastic


    First edition minutes, before embedded "o"

  3. FrogTastic


    Platinum with Gold

  4. JizzleShizzle


    Do you know year of production? I can't find anything online about them. Some sources would be nice :) Thanks for the replies. :shock:

  5. The Game

    The Game

    those have seen better days

  6. JizzleShizzle


    1998 hmm. I could have sworn it was longer but 10-12 years sounds about right... thanks for the replies

    Oh and yes they have seen much better days, they're arms are both broken, lens are scratched a bit, and the paint is almost completely off. And the 'O' on each side is missing. Anyone know if Oakley still repairs these things

  7. FrogTastic


    They didn't have "0"'s. Just the hole. Doubt Oakley still have parts. More than likely would you a trade in.

  8. RetinaBurn


    I’m not so sure those are Minutes, if fact they may not be authentic. The original Minutes do not have a hole in the earstem or that raised area where the icon should be. On the Minutes the end of the earstems are short and pointed, they also have a cutout in the unobtainuim earsock on the outside. The ® in the Oakley logo on the bridge is a bit large too. Although the pictures are not that great, there are just too many miscues that don’t add up to being authentic. Most of those features exist, just not on the Minutes. I used my Violet Minutes to compare with. Sorry to say that, but even if the are real FrogTastic is right the best you would get is a trade in.

  9. FrogTastic


    Retina, i think you maybe mistaken on this one. The first edition mintues never had an o on the arms but rather a hole. They didnt run for long, until Oakley changed to the embedded O.

    But i hear you on the bridge thing, I remember the platinium having it in black nd not white.

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