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If and how to change baterie on sealed timepiece => RISKY


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Hi guys;
I have a Judge Stealth Black and a Blade2 complete in Plastic from years back but I do not know how to chance the baterie without risking the integrity of the watch. How do you guys treat watches with that are still in plastics?

Like 3 years back I took my holeshot 10th mountain devision for baterie exchange as the watch was new and the pastic on the case back was small enough to fit the opening tool. Though the watch maker (a real watchmaker) lost grip during the opening process and the PVD coating had two shiny slits. End of story was 4 months of waiting for a "new" watch ... I got the 10th with a standart case back and the original once separated. Since then I am very unsured what to do with the other two watches!?!?

You have several options:
1st option: Take them to a better watch maker. I watched the guy who replaced my batteries and he had surgical skills. I wouldn't mess with your watches unless you know what you're doing. Also, keeping them wrapped in plastic tells him/her that the watch is brand spanking new. And if that ain't obvious, just be honest with the person and tell him/her to be careful and hopefully he/she will. :) Plus hopefully the plastic will keep your piece better protected (TWSS LOL).

2nd option: Take to HQ if you are close but just be aware, some of the their watch guys are idiots... I sent my 12 gauge thinking that it would get better care and discovered that the back casing had 2 scratches... Clearly not done be a pro! So I would recommend this as a 2nd option.

3rd option... Just leave it alone without a fresh set of batteries if you are just displaying them. However if you are going to use them, then you really have to. No point in owning a watch that doesn't tell the time right?

I personally don't own a stealth judge (wanted one for a while now) but the finish looks like it can easily be scratched. Just my 2 cents (or 6). Good luck!
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Hi; thanks for the reply!
I am twisted about switching the batteries for years now and I am still opting to leave them with the original one eventhough they are empty.... I wont wear them as I have a used Judge stealth Black and a Blade with red dial an steel bracelet... maybe I will look for a new owner who is willing to take the risk and buy a new watch for the money (I like the alarm funtcion on the GMT).

Ref. the stealth black judge (or GMT or Blade): The coating is not standart PVD like the holeshot, which is relativly easy to scratch! The Stealth Black finish is by far more resistent... If I am note mistaken they did a procedure of "backing carbon powder" to the steal parts of the watch to get the stealth black finish... If you take a look at very used stealth black pieces you see the metal shinning through the coating arround the buckle (or on the inside of the bracelet) . This means that the finish has to be way more complex/hard than a simple PVD Coating.

I had the Judge with blue dial and I can tell you that the "honed" finish is as delicate or even more than the PVD of a holeshot... as soon as you touch it, you are doing harm to it ;)
Best option is probably is the polished version on any of those watches as it is cheap to redo.

I will post some pictures of my pieces during the next days...
I change the batteries in all of mine as they become unserviceable - including TB1's.
No biggie, just use the right tools, a clean work space and good lighting.
And you promised to post pics!
I don't really see the point of changing batteries on a watch that you leave in its plastic on display or in storage. If you plan to wear it at some point, sure, but if you have no intention of doing so I don't see the value of the swap.

Though of course it's your stuff, whatever you want to do with it is up to you...