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If i won the lottery my first purchase would be a pair of Ducati Juliete.


Oakley Beginner
Welcome Brother.
I too am a Juliet/Ducati/WS6 devotee (Pontiac: Big Chief Many Horses).
Man I love all old american muscle thats for sure. My first car was an 87 Monte Carlo SS with T-tops. I literally bought it from a guy who had it in the barn for 10 years. I had to remove the racoon family and pretty pretty much gutted the in the interior as they made it their personal play ground. Swapped the 305 for a 350, Edelbrock 6 pack. Alot of other mods lol. Too much car for a 17 year old with no fear and a hot head lol.

Sadly my WS6 blew a pressure plate through the floor, missed my foot by 1/4" but once I am back to work after the winter lay off I have my eye on another 87 SS


Oakley Beginner
DUDE that's a sweet set up my man. We have had a pretty ****ty go of it the last couple of years. I lost all the stuff I had in my entertainment room. Had some really awesome stuff go up in smoke with the rest of our house. I suspected the MiL at first but the insurance company said "Fire breathing Dragons are mythical creatures and do not exist" HA want to bet. I can introduce you to one right now lol.

But seriously thats an awesome way to display
The medium Oakley cube View attachment 925492holds every model of Oakley / Ducati sunglasses they made.


Oakley Expert


Oakley Beginner
GO 'NEERS!!! Man I REALLY miss Holgersen. I like to see a coach get passionate!!! Had the chance to get to know him a little bit through my job. Fairmont here. You?


Oakley Beginner
I have a few Ducatis myself.....View attachment 925491
😱😍😍😘😘😘. Damn Bad that's a sweet collection you have both shades and bikes. My first and only Ducati, so far, I put some work into it and lemme just say there isnt much that scares me speed wise but once I got done I brought it home and put it in the garage covered up.for about a.month. My buddy had a souped up Hyabusa at the time and I absolutely smoked him hands down. I don't have the self control it takes to NOT race anyone who looks at me funny so until I had enough time to let it sink in what I had sitting in the garage.

I had the S2R1000, metered NoS and a Turbo. Plus had it chipped and the traction control removed.

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