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  1. EdsJunk

    EdsJunk Oakley Beginner

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    So since the day of time Oakleys have been reproduced and faked throughout the US and world. They have come in many shapes and sizes. Some from looking very close to a real pair of oakleys and some that we can't even recognize except for the miss shaped "O" and horrible white/black/red lens sticker. I have seen my share, the cheap ones you see in Mexican markets and even some pretty darn good ones... but we all know.. you can tell that there just not oakleys. So, sometimes we get screwed over on ebay buying oakleys so much, that sometimes you have bad pictures and you just take a chance. eBay always refunds my money immediately when someone sends me fakes and even then they never take them back, just say keep them (since they know there not even worth the shipping back). And there also those horrible "cleaning cloths" that have the stretch logo on them.. all cheap and tacky.

    That all being said, I stumbled across a pair of live strong jawbones at a cheap buy it now price. I saw those horrible cleaning cloths and just about hit the back button when I took a hard look at the glasses. I saw the model number printed on the arm. Ive never personally seen this on fakes, but always wondered why they didn't put them on there as its gotta be easy. So I bought them taking a chance and thought, hey what do I have to loose. So take a look at these pics and read this list I made of why and why not and feel free to add. If these are fake, id be worried to start seeing foakleys that are next to impossible to tell if there real or fake.. there getting damn good. Maybe there just a real pair of frames and the guy added the extra foakley stuff to help the sale, i don't know! But I'm impressed.

    Reasons why it may be real..
    -Has Model number printed on ear stem
    -"LIVESTRONG" is actually molded into the ear sock (unusual since they would normally make multiple color ways)
    -Earsocks actually feel like unobtanium, not your typical hard rubber on fakes
    - Ruby Lenses that came with them are actually a blue tint when looking through them, but saying that, I don't think Oakley made a vented Ruby Jawbone Lens
    - Fram feels nice and tight, and "springs" open when you open the stems all the way, doesn't feel like a crappy made pair

    Reasons I see fake...
    -Black Iridium lenses are not vented. They may just be another set put in there, but still makes you wonder since the livestrongs came stock with vented.
    -Came with your typical foakley cleaning cloths, bag and case along with a foakley croakie.
    -most fakes do come with a typical 3 sets of lenses like these did. But ill tell ya what, these look like real oakley lenses.

    If These Are Fake.... Id Be Worried.... - oak46.jpg
    If These Are Fake.... Id Be Worried.... - oak47.jpg
    If These Are Fake.... Id Be Worried.... - oak48.jpg
    If These Are Fake.... Id Be Worried.... - oak49.jpg
    If These Are Fake.... Id Be Worried.... - oak50.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep The Crawling Chaos Premium Member

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    I don't know if they are fakes, but when I received my juan pelota jawbone the black livestrong earsock was put on upside down. I have since replace it with regular ones so I don't ruin the originals with my toxic sweat. But if it was me I wouldn't buy them just because of the extra foakley gear pictured with them.
  3. qtrain23

    qtrain23 3D Printing Protege

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    Isn't there something about a screw head on jawbones to check? Something with the jaws. There's a thread on here about it
  4. Oakley Stephen

    Oakley Stephen Oakley Collector

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    they look real to me besides the cleaning cloth. they did come with the correct vented lenses. I have seen some fake jawbones and another tell is the thru blot on the lower jaw and theses look real to me
  5. EdsJunk

    EdsJunk Oakley Beginner

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    I wish I had another pair to compare to. I bought these on a whim, more out of curiosity sake. I have never seen a fake pair with the white model numbers on them.. and those are dead accurate compared to other fames with model numbers.
  6. OpinionatedOakley

    OpinionatedOakley Oakley Beginner

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    I am surprised it has taken them this long to get knockoffs this good. It is just molded plastic and rubber.
  7. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    i think the thread youre talking about is the pitboss one.
  8. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    We have a fakes thread for this.
  9. Gio

    Gio Oakley Beginner

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    Real Oakley Jawbone jaws do not lock with fake nose clips. A buddy of mine never had a clue until he tried swapping his real jawbone Jaws with another from a pair he got cheap off eBay. It was then that he realized he's been had. Can't say I never warned him
  10. RetinaBurn

    RetinaBurn Oakley Enthusiast

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    There is a thread on this, it's a screw that the nose piece pivots on in the fakes and something else (can't remember). Also the vent cuts do not look right on the lenses. If you have a pair to compare you will see the difference. Seems like they are getting better at copying every year.