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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by lucozade, 7/10/17.

  1. Oakley Sydney

    Oakley Sydney Premium Member Lifetime Member

    How can you choose between all your Oakley children? :headbang:

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Zax

    Zax Premium Member


  3. Chris169

    Chris169 Premium Member

    Straight Jacket 2

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  4. Rick58

    Rick58 Premium Member

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  5. Wavecloud

    Wavecloud Premium Member

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  6. Hostage42

    Hostage42 Premium Member

    Pitboss 1 matte black/BLK idridium! That's my holy Grail, lol. Didn't know pricing til I really started looking. Found myself bidding on a eBay pair. I stopped at $400 and thought wtf are you doing? They might be fake . Thought I better be doing more research on Oakley forums!
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  7. htrap2294

    htrap2294 Premium Member

    If you could only have one pair!!? - AE8D768F-04A9-4488-8852-2C6496E14024.jpeg If you could only have one pair!!? - 664252E2-87B7-4303-99FA-FBA7249FE090.jpeg

    If you could only have one pair!!? - FAEB9284-18CD-4EEE-B8F5-C38F7310CC9D.jpeg
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  8. htrap2294

    htrap2294 Premium Member

    Real should have rivets, raised lettering and correct SKU like so @Hostage42 :

    If you could only have one pair!!? - E08A7889-CF58-45F9-9A6F-A06AA6F6F4B7.jpeg

  9. Hostage42

    Hostage42 Premium Member

    I'm so freaking drooling!!! So jelly!

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