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I'm an Oakley addict.


Oakley Enthusiast
I've been wearing Oakleys since my original Razor Blades. I buy them, wear them, abuse them, lose them, trade them, sell them. So....not really a collector. Since I lost my Juilettes, it's been harder to justify spending more than $200 on sunglasses....but I do.

I can't stand being outside without sunglasses on, and I prefer them to be Oakleys. Cheap lenses give me a migraine, and I won't do them.

I usually buy a few pairs a year (by coercing my wife and son to get me a new pair for my birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, etc. "Wow, these would be awesome for ____________".)

I currently have Probation, Inmate, Plaintiff, Fuel Cells, Oil Rig, Pit Bull, Clifden, Crosshair, Batwolf, Mad man, Trigger Man, Sutro, Portal X, Eyejacket Redux. I have a couple of more in the cars, and backpacks that I can't think of (backups).

I have had many more, like Minute, Penny, Scar, Juliette, Splice, Oil Drum, Racing Jackets, original Eyejackets, Gascan, original Sub Zero, Tailend, and countless more. So I am an Oakley guy. Not an expert, but a definite fan.

The quality keeps escalating. And I must say, the new Prizm lenses are amazing.

Polarized has always been "ehhh" for me. But the new Prizm Polarized has me hooked. Such a major difference. Maybe because I'm older and my eyes are weaker? Idk.

My new Eyejacket Redux (just got for Father's Day) are by far my most favorite ever. Updated old school is what attracted me to them, but the Prizm Polarized lenses (black) are phenomenal, I wear a different pair of Oakleys every single day. HDO, polarized, standard, old school VR28, in every color spectrum. 24K, Ruby, and Ice used to be my favorites, until recently.

Does anyone suggest another Prizm lense that makes everything pop like the Black Prizm Polarized? I have fallen in love with Oakley all over again.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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If gluttony is a sin, we all sinners here…

Lot of words there! Good stuff.

Which Eye Jacket Redux is your favorite?

Prizm Tungsten has the craziest color pop in my opinion.
So far I only have the Silver/black/poarized . But I have my eye on a Planet X/ Positive Red pair. I wanted my next ones to be a pair of Plazmas, but the retro of the Eyejackets Redux is so awesome, and I've had so many compliments on them, already.

I will be looking for something in prizm Tungsten now. Thank you!