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In Desperate Need of Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 Temple/Frame


Oakley Beginner
Hey Everyone,
I am reaching out in hopes that you all might be able to point me in the right direction. I currently have a pair of surgical loupes built into my Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 frames (with XLJ lenses). Recently the left temple cleanly broke, leaving me in a bind because the loupe manufacturer no longer caries the frame-- So I am left in a position where my $2000 loupes are completely useless.

Do any of you have advice as to where I may be able to find a LEFT temple for my Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 frames? I am really hoping that I figure something out soon!

Thanks for your help!

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Oakley Enthusiast
Premium Member
How about a new HJ frame...would that work? I have about 15 of them