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Input On Lens Choices For Custom Flak Jacket Build


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
I picked up these frames for pretty cheap. Just need to figure out which lenses i should put in them.

I think these are the MLB LA Dodgers frames. I was thinking Ice Iridium, but it might be TOO much blue. I could do black iridium, but that seems a bit boring.

Would like community feedback :smile:
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+Red is great but if u are a Dodgers fan then ICE definitely...I have yet to understand why the Yankees used Black instead of Ice iridium and they should have pinstriped the white part of frame...
i wanna say there a custom set, the MLB set will come with a silver icon no blue, i would toss a nice pair of +Red in there or even some Fire would look pretty sick
I'm not a Dodgers fan. I'm not really into baseball at all. I just picked these up because they were only $20 for the frame. I figured i could use them as a beater pair. +Red Iridium seems like a good choice as well as being the front runner. I might just get both the +Red and the Ice so i can go back and forth :smile: