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  1. 7legion77

    7legion77 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I currently own Gascans and a Batwolf. I need to expand my collection with a rarer, lighter pair. The wolf's are a bit heavy and tend to build condensation like the windshield of a car. The Gascans squeeze the sides of my head a bit. So I am looking for something lighter.

    I despise Frogskins (shoot me)

    Not a huge fan of the "aviator" look, so I can't be bothered with Plaintiff, Crosshairs or anything similar.

    But then I saw the Probation and it looks perfect. Who owns Probations and how do you like them. The Batwolf fits me perfectly, but I don't have a particularly big head. How do you like your Probations? Might they be too small or are they a flexible fit? I can't find it anywhere to try them on, but I want to make sure they fit before I place an order.
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  2. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    I have 2 pairs. I like the fit. I have tried on the Batwolf's but think they are too big for me. One pair of Probation's I have fits tighter than the other pair not sure why. I have also wanted to get the Deviations but also think they are too big. I also have 2 Crosshair 2.0's and they fit perfectly.