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New to the forum, just being here in saying I've joined in hopes that the marketplace here might deliver on a discontinued pair of frames that I have recently lost 😭. I'm not big on Oakley gear but I have been wearing their sunglasses since the early 90s when I was gifted a pair of frogskins and they became my favorite fishing glasses. Some of my all-time favorites were the Zeros - despite the fact they always split in the middle they were wicked comfy until they broke, then the Half-Jackets were my staple glasses for years they were great for softball and again fishing and I wear Bottle Rockets now which aren't terribly different. And then of course the Bottlecaps are what brings me here, unfortunately I honestly don't recall if I had the small ones or the XLs so replacing them is going to be a pain. Even eBay and Poshmark seem to be thin on Bottlecap offerings, it seems I may have been the only one that loved them.
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool-33:🤙


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