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Oakley Beginner
Hey, I've been an avid Oakley fan since the early 90's when I saved up my pennies and bought my first pair - Frogskins. I was 12 and my parents refused to help in any way so I went out and got myself a paper route. A few months later I sold them to a buddy to buy a pair of Blue Iridium SubZeros'. After that I went on to buy M frames, E wires, Juliets', half jackets, Badman, custom Flaks and then finally found another pair of Juliets' that are identical to the first pair I bought - which I sold a few years ago when I needed some cash. I can't bring myself to buy anything other than Oakley's when it comes to eyewear - even goggles - as every time I put a pair on I feel a good sense of nostalgia and it always brings me back to those early days, slinging paper for those oaks.

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