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IPhone 4S


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Whats everyone thinking?


Ive been one of the fools that have bought every one. I build mayself a 2G, when I was too broke to buy one and just moved on from there. Personally, I think iPhone 4S is behind already and I think Apple is using this as a stall. Well, they stalled for 16 months, whats another 6 or so.

I love Apple and only use Apple, but I think this one is lame..
i was expecting / wish a 5 in the desing of the air book . . . the 4S is fast, has a good camera - but the same design hmmm
so i will wait until the 5 comes out!
Seems very similar to the 4, the biggest improvement IMO is iOS 5. The Siri feature seems cool though.
no no no
i´m not a "thief"!
but i`m sharing music with my friends. . .
I'm still rocking the iPhone 3G, and was hoping for iPhone 5, not a software upgrade of the iPhone 4. I'm in two minds now, I want to get a new phone, but what's the point in getting an iPhone 4S if it will get a complete re-design soon anyway (so the rumours say).

I've heard the new Samsung Galaxy will be the new must have phone, but I've never used one. Can you use iTunes on it or not? If not it won't be any good to me.