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Is the answer, "frankenoakley"?


Oakley Beginner
Maybe the more experienced members can help me answer this question.

When I first began buying Oakleys, I happened to buy an R1 that was an, "X-metal" nose/centre piece, with plasma/ or titanium orbitals and hammerstems again in x metal.

The nose piece is serialised and in all other respects ( weight, metal, durability ) the complete unit is genuine Oakley.


1. Were the R1 ever released from Oakley like this? As far as I have read, the answer is, "No", but,..?!?!

2. What would be the indications that they may be counterfeit? I consider that I've examined them in all the usual and relevant ways,...but,...there may be something that I have missed.

3. Is there a forum member with the matching, counterpart R1s? :p

Picture: The pair in question is the pair in the middle of the other two, with the black lenses. If you look closely, you might notice the difference in the frame pieces.

I would be grateful for some guidance?

The colorway you're referring to, x-metal finish nosepiece and earstems with plasma finish orbitals, is known as TiO2.

It was released as an OEM colorway for XX and Juliet. There was a TiO2 Penny SKU'd but apparently never released. It was not a R1 OEM colorway.

Many people have done custom TiO2s with various frames, including reverse TiO2s and similar two-colors using other finishes, myself included. Some of these are simple part-swaps and others are refinish jobs. Yours looks like a parts-swap, meaning it still has OEM finishes. It's easiest to do with R1 because it only takes a T6 driver, no nosebridge rivets to deal with. Yet it's also the biggest investment, since stock R1s command the highest prices...

There are indicators for fake x-metals, search "x-metal authenticity", but yours look like a legit custom.

@RoTors in particular did a lot of TiO2 customs. It's a popular colorway; too bad Oakley didn't release more of them.

@THE X-MAN refinishes frames and favors TiO2s; check out his sticky thread.

Welcome to the forum. Tell us more about those Mars that appear to have ice lenses, or is that a reflection?
Thanks gentlemen,...

I was actually pretty sure that they were genuine, just not an OEM product,... I have a sneaky habit of weighing things, like lenses, frames etc.,. when I'm not sure of provenance,...T-wires should weigh about 17 grams with OEM lenses,...and from memory, all parts of the R1 frame in question weighed the same as the mid-6000 serial numbered R1, with the blue lenses behind it in the picture - that frame sourced from the Oakley warehouse here in Australia in 2013 - thanks to a lovely lady - its provenance ( and hence weight ) was never in doubt,...

The blue lenses in the Mars frame in the question might have be given away if you noticed the di -ichro lenses in the front R1 - the blue lenses are a Linegear light blue :)

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