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Is the neXt-metal line dead?

I can't wait for the Carbon Shift! And I have two Triggermen, two Badman and love them all.

I prefer the look over my XX or XS.

Now in the "feel" dept and pure "art" my XS and XX are just pure beauty to hold and look at - no doubt..

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Thing is, we don't know what the additions — that is, if there still will be any additions — would look like. Oakley could be stirring up something with wholesome with Ti for all we know.

If we were just judging the Mad and Badman, yeah it's a bit of a bust right now. Literally thicker wire/O-Matter hybrids for over $300. I really don't know how that sounded acceptable in the works. If we ignored premium and riding the namesake, they're actually cool pieces to be honest, but they're being pushed as something they're not.

Carbon Shift is the only thing of any real interest in R1. The rest are pretty blah.

It doesn't look like there is a "New X-metal" release for R1. I think the carbon shift and SF16-C are going to fall under the "Elite" category based on the paperwork in the pictures. O-Review has them listed under "Elite" in the database.

I was really wondering the same thing. Nothing new since the original release of the bad/madman. Was wondering lux took the feedback and scrapped the idea or said, let's fix it. I guess only time will tell.

Definitely nothing "new X-Metal for R1. I have the whole R1 release. Outside of Shift, there are a few O Matter pieces. Nothing too spectacular although Thinlink may cover off something Oakley has been missing.

Definitely their price point is a bust. I can't believe they're still listing them for $400 - $500.

I had expected a new model to come out by the end of last year, which didn't happen.

I notice they no longer appear to be trying to call them "x-metal"; they're categorized on the website under Wires and the descriptions only say they were "inspired by the attitude" of their "famed" x-metal collection...

So I'd guess they either abandoned the idea of a "relaunched" x-metal or went back to the drawing board. Time will tell...

I wonder if anybody in marketing got fired for that one?