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Is The Oakley Plate 24k Iridium Rare?


Oakley Expert
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i'm in the position i can buy a pair of Oakley plate 24k iridium. Pristine condition. For 110 usd.
Is this a good deal? I cannot find out if it's a rare (and because of that expensive) Oakley?
I don't know how rare they are, but they do come up on eBay still. More importantly they are a piece of Oakley history. The price isn't bad, I believe the 24K is more sought after by collectors. MSRP was $185.
That is a good price, id buy it if i could but its not really all that rare, it was a general release that was mass produced. They are becoming more difficult to find because they were sold from 2003-2006. Rare means few were made, which isnt the case. If u can get it and are willing to part with it, pm me.

That colorway is also the most sought after.
@all: Thanks for the reactions, i think i'm gonna buy them, maybe for myself, maybe to part with one of you guys :)
Plates were one of the iconic designs ahead of its time, aggressive styling as compared to the models these days.

Definitely a good catch!!
i love my Plates. those are dope!! it´s a bit hard to change the lenses but it´s an awesome design and one of my favourite Oakley´s ever!!
this is a really good deal for a pair! take the offer it and you will be happy!!!