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Isn't she pretty in......


Oakley Beginner
Pink! Gotta thank Frogtastic for these. I think they look much better with the +red lenses.
I'll post it tonight they are actually the crystal black, I didn't like the pink iridium lenses in the pink and popped them in the crystal black and wow I gotta say they look really cool in that pair. So check back and i'll put those up tonight. Thanks for the kind words gents!
I love those. I'd really wanted them, so congrats, good buy. Look forward to seeing the black/pink combo

As promised crystal black w/ pink iridium



I posted this custom on another thread but I am so much in love with the matte rootbeers with gold iridium

Thanks for the kind word Mrs H. My fiance was a lot of my motivation in getting them. Now if I can stop being too overprotective of them when she wears them! And sorry Kyle I'm keeping the lenses.