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It Has Finally And Unfortunately Happened...


Oakley Expert
So after about two weeks of pure denial, I have come to accept the fact that I have lost my first pair of Oakleys.
I bought my first pair back in 2000 when I was 13 and have been collecting ever since. I have collector pair, beater pair and everyday pair. I've NEVER lost or misplaced a pair in my life so this was really hard to come to terms with.

Since I bought my chrome plaintiff's they have basically been my everyday pair to and from work. I'd wear them to work, leave them in the passenger seat with doors locked and put them back on when I left. If I ever took them inside I put them on my desk with my lunch bag so that I would remember to take them home.

Couple weeks ago I noticed they weren't in the car. Or in the display case. Or by the bed. Or on the counter. Or at work. Or anywhere.

Feelings were hurt, I was embarrassed because I always justify to people if you pay more for your glasses you'll pay more attention to what you do with them. Losing them didn't help with me wanting to buy more frames with the fiance'. It all around sucks.

Luckily I bought some black plaintiffs with the iridium lens so they are filling the void for now, but it still blows my mind that I lost a pair.

So that's my rant. Feel free to tell me how much I suck and laugh at me. Also, share if you've ever had the same thing happen to you...
If I had a penny for every pair of shades I lost, I'd be a rich man. Thank god I never lost a pair of Oakleys before, though what happened to my Fives 3.0 Ducati isnt a nice memory either.
Yeah it sucks bad guys. I'm still checking EVERYWHERE. Hopefully they're sitting somewhere laughing at me as I walk around them daily
I haven't lost any Oakleys yet or anything else for that matter as I tend to have OCD when it comes to things I own. But if I were to lose a pair I'd probably go apeshit. My wife always puts it in perspective though as they are just things. It's okay to be upset but don't dwell on it, she always tells me. I have my health and loved ones close by which at the end of the day is far more important than a pair of shades.
i lost a pair of gascan's after a week or two, thankfully that's the only pair i've ever lost.
im very sorry for your loss. it hurts!

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