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  1. Oakley4Life

    Oakley4Life Oakley Collector

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    Hey guys, some of you may know me some might not. ive been apart of this forum for years and i get on everyday and i have learned so much. im apart of every oakley group on facebook anyhting with oakley in it im involved in. im 17 and im from maryland but none of that matters now. over the Labor Day weekend i went camping with some friends and family. when i came back this past monday i discovered the worst. i had walked in my room and my room had been destroyed. everythinig on the floor room was just trashed. but then i glanced over to my 2 oakley cases. my single wide and double wide were empty. all 52 pairs were gone. ive been colecting since i was 11 and now i have nothing to show for it. they took just about everything oakley in my room. so im really upset about all this. i have every police officer in the state of maryland looking for them. the insurance company is being great and will refund everything but its just not the same. its just gonna take so long to bulid it back up to what it use to be. well i just thought i would share this with you guys because ill probably be taking a break from collecting and what not. this week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. thanks for everything guys, you guys are some of the best oakley collectors in the world. wish me luck .

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  2. nalong86

    nalong86 Oakley Beginner

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    Wow Matt, I am really sorry to hear about that. I can only imagine how you must feel. I hope that they can find a way to catch whoever did this. I also hope that if you are not able to get yours back that you are able to replace the special pairs with your insurance money.
  3. Oakster

    Oakster Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Brutal! Pretty much everyone's worst nightmare on here.
  4. chrisbron

    chrisbron Oakley Enthusiast

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    Most the members' worst fear has come true! It's truly **** to hear that, but on the other hand, I am glad that you had the brains to have it all insured!

    Look, it's a hobby and in the end, they're just sunglasses. I'm glad that you're safe and that only bits of plastic/metal got stolen!

    I'm sure that I can speak for a lot of us when I say: once the insurance has come through and you get over the shock, we will gladly help you out with getting your collection back on your feet as all of us understand the severity of losing your whole prized collection!

    Stay strong and keep us updated if they catch that/ those SOB's.
  5. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    That sucks man. I fear that all the time
  6. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    That sucks... I would suggest posting up a list of some of your more unique pieces, maybe someone might spot them.
  7. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    Sorry for your loss, It's crap that people Steele, I would check ebay and craig's list periodically. You mite get lucky an find the SOB!!!
  8. FearGearGarage

    FearGearGarage Oakley Collector

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    Ohhh, I feel your pain... I suffered a loss like this when the ex left, she decided to take half of my collection while I was at work!


    This was a few years back and all it did was revive my interest in collecting and at this point I have recovered everything plus some. Be patient, rebuild when you find the right piece at the right price and let us know what your looking for so hopefully we can help...
  9. Max Fearlight

    Max Fearlight Oakley Beginner

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    speechless. thats gotta be the worst.
  10. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Feel for you. Worst nightmare coming true.