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It's an addiction...


Oakley Beginner
It all started (at least for me) back in 2006 with a Penny Titanium/Ice, I now have several X-Metals. Always been an Oakley fan, have a few Icon backpacks and other sunglasses, but the X-Metal is an addiction. Below is a link to the ones I have, some shows signs of age/use (i.e. scratches, lens delamination) and a few tend to be used more than others.


View attachment 864369

Except for my first one (Penny Titanium/Ice) which I still have the box, I'm not sure about the other colorways (especially the ones with non-OEM lenses), I'd appreciate if the experts here can confirm. Also, the Juliet with hammerstems (SKU 04-147) came with Fire lenses originally and the X-Squared X-Metal (SKU OO6011-03) came with Ruby lenses?
I have one not on your list. Brand new, in the box, Juliet Brown w/ vr28 black iridium lens. Just discovered in a box among a ton of other Oakley stuff. Let me know if interested

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