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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Leverlution, 8/7/11.

  1. Leverlution


    First pair of Oakley's. I do paintless dent repair for a living, so I thought the eye protection would be nice and the changeable lenses allow me to use them for shooting/riding my motorcycle as well. Not a week after having them, I walked out of my garage half awake and straight into the bottom of an opening garage door. Piece of metal must have been hanging out, it gouged up the Permission lenses pretty good, and a small scratch on the nose bridge.

    Since Oakley isn't selling lenses for them yet :mad: is there ANYWHERE I can get another set of Permission lenses? I use them the most, the black iridium's are almost too dark for work.

    On a side note, can anyone give me advice on a "beater" set of lenses to use at work when they do start selling them? Most the time even on bright sunny days the black iridium's seem a shade too dark. I'm also a fan of color tinted lenses that make things more vivid, like the Permission's or my old revo's. They CANNOT be polarized (doesn't work with our reflection boards, almost like someone shining a flashlight in your eye). These will be for bright sunny days to take the glare off the car, protect my eyes from sun and metal flakes etc. The permissions take over on overcast days, or when I'm inside a building. Looks like I'm going to have to get a second pair of black plaids for normal use, and beat these polished black ones up at work.

    Also, is there any way to protect lenses under heavy use? Maybe something along the lines of screen protectors for phones? Between the cars, tonneau cover on the truck, and EZ-UP tent I use frequently, I have a feeling these things are going to get destroyed quick.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Kaduku


    You can try Fire Iridium, I use them on overcast days because the tint is yellowish

  3. The Game

    The Game

    Just buy a pair of m-frames and use those for work. You can get a cheap pair at vaults with a yellow or vr50 lens

  4. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    agreed with The Game on that one, i would go snag a pair of m-frames and use those for work, yellow is a great lens and or even just a clear will do good too. as for your fast jackets call oakley and see if they might be able get you some replacement lenses for them.

  5. music_man185


    i know it sucks that your lenses are messed up. but just be thankful you had them on, or it could have been your eye that got caught by the metal.

  6. yoshi1984


    Oakley saves another set of eyes from being sent to the hospital.

  7. Leverlution


    That was the first thing I said when I got in my work truck. That's four strikes for my eyes in less than 2 months. Don't think I'll get another lucky break. Two pieces of metal in my eye while working, both worked themselves to the corner without any damage (second one was probably 1/16ths.. large enough to clearly see it on my finger when it came out), 1 hot metal fragment from some dude shooting near me RIGHT after I took off glasses to clean them, and then the L bracket on the door.

    Guess I'll give Oakley a shout on Monday. M-Frames are definitely out. I need to get my face against cars all days, they are too big and bulky. The Fast Jackets work well. I'm definitely going to pick up another pair to keep "nice," I just need to figure out a lens color to use when they start selling them. Maybe something in VR or G series? Something rose or brown based, maybe a shade lighter than the Black Iridium but definitely darker and more protective than Permission. Would one of the VR or G series with an iridium coating work, or would it be just as dark?

  8. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    ummm if ur looking for lenses for work, i would say go with another permission or yellow. they will brighten stuff up for you. the VRs are pretty nice, little bit darker. just depends on what u are looking for, another frame u might like would be flaks too.

  9. Leverlution


    I like the permissions, they just aren't enough on real bright days. Need something in between the black iridium and the permissions. Flaks and half jackets are too small for my big ole head :cool:

  10. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    there is a vr50 i wanna say that comes with he fast jacket, its a little darker then the persimmon but lighter then the blk ird. even the G30 will be lighter but still dark at the same time.

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