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  1. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    Something to read to pass time, maybe you already know of it.

    This part intrigued me most:
    "So, he sent them overseas to Oakley Europe, which passed them off to a courier, who drove Calilung’s two “children” to Brittany and into the hands of Oakley sports marketing guys Steve Blick and Kiko Garcia. Ultimately, Hushovd and George Hincapie had fresh shades to wear at the start of the Tour.

    Back in America, Calilung was sure that the “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”-style delivery had failed. UPS had given him the wrong tracking number. He couldn’t reach Blick to confirm, and there was no sign of the $10,000 Jawbones, despite waking up at “dark thirty” to watch the race coverage.

    But then, like any seasoned sprinter, Hushovd emerged in the windy finale, ready for battle and wearing radical new sunglasses."


    What happened to those prototypes after the Tour? Would assume they went back to HQ because they were pricey but are they displayed or something?

    I also couldn't find a matching color to the one Thor was wearing. Spiffy.
    Jawbone Article On VeloNews - ThorHushovd_LR.jpg
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