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Jawbone Echelon Finishes


Gotta love a good DOG
I think I saw a thread here about the possibility of two finishes on the Echelon jawbones. Since I now have two pair, one new one used, I can verify there were two finishes, flat and semi-gloss. The early versions were flat, later version were semi-gloss.

Strange as this question was asked on Oakley's facebook page & they said there was only one finish, can you post pic's of them both.


Oakley Beginner
In the pic above, the flat finish is on the left and are the used pair I picked up, on the right is semi-gloss which I purchased new, assumed that recent new purchase was produced later in production?

I thought about that but if this were the case would the finish be equal over the frame or have semi-gloss with flat finish spots at touch points?

hmm.. maybe that 'gloss' appearance is some sort of coat that dissolves in water (whether it was designed to do so or not who knows) try washing your glossier one a few times? because if thats the case, you will have even finish all over the frame from washing


Oakley Beginner
Thanks for posting photos..When I went to the Market st. Store in SF.(two months ago) they showed me both models they had in stock. One was matted and one with gloss. They didn't seem to have an explanation for it, But I have seen both in front of me and they both look awesome.