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John F

Oakley Beginner
Hey all,

Joined the forum as I'm on the hunt for a pair of eyeshades original or heritage. I'm an Irish guy living in Berlin. I recently got into road cycling and I quite like the Greg Lemond style to go with my steel framed Pinarello. They are also a pretty landmark pair of glasses in terms of Oakley's history too which lead me to here.

My local Oakley retailer is looking for crazy money for the heritage line so I thought you fine ladies and gentlemen might be able to aid me on my quest for bad ass sunnies!

I saw these which I like quite a bit:

Trading - OR FS: OTT FMJ Fire used, Heritage Eyeshade fire and RC MX Goggles | Oakley Forum

I understand I cannot post in the for sale section just yet but if anyone could point me in the direction of some info on the history of Oakley, I'd like read up a bit further.

All the best,

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Enthusiast
Hi, wecome to the forum
It was the factory pilot that got me interested in oakley all those years ago
I bought a pair in seafoam with vented fire iridium in the late 80's.
I only sold them a couple of years ago but I wish I'd kept them now.

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