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Jono's new additions.


Inside Outlaw.
Premium Member
hey guys, just added this golden baby to my collection. sweet as! thought it paired nicely with the Supreme Frogs.

Jono, glad to see u finally on here! Nice stuff!
Thanks Stephen! yeah finally managed to solve the registry problem! so i'll be updating over here as much as i can from now on! stay tuned for my new purchases in the coming wks!
that's great! i love to see the purchases and the setups of members . . . it´s a pool to get inspiration for my own collection!
and i´t makes me happy if a member gets a dream done!
good luck with the upcoming deliveries.

Cheers guys! wished my custom gold jupiter had turned out nicely, with a shiny finish instead of a matte finish. then i could have a golden trio instead of a duo! ha!

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