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Saw these online. I believe they have some backing from Lance Armstrong. They are only making 50 of these and they cost $250. They are now sold out, but your can check out the link here: ... ey+Jawbone

I'm sure we will see these go for $$$ on ebay, because of the rarity.

Heres the Description from the site:
Juan swims. Juan rides. Juan runs. And now, Oakley honors Juan Pelota with these exclusive limited edition Jawbones – available only at Mellow Johnny’s until they’re gone. The matte black frames feature an orange and red accent stripe on right side “jaw,” and come with two sets of lenses - a contrast enhancing vented G30 lens set (pictured) and a vented black iridium set. Two options to keep them protected : a micro bag sporting red Pelota 1, and a vault with an etched logo plaque. They also feature Black LIVESTRONG Earsock you’ll only find only on these glasses, with $20 from each pair sold going to LIVESTRONG.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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