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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by Vman41, 2/22/16.

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  1. Vman41


    Oakley Limited Edition Juliet Plasma With Black Iridium Polar Glasse

    I just spotted these on eBay, and thought someone here might be interested in them.

    I'm not interested in them but I was a little intrigued by the "Airborne" etching on the lense. I searched this forum and o-review and couldn't find any mention of this limited edition.

    Maybe it's a custom, but I figured someone here might know or be interested.

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  2. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

    looks like somebody Etched airborne onto the lens. these glasses are worth nothing more than hundred and fifty bucks

  3. Oakley G

    Oakley G

    The lenses were etched as part of the Oakley Custom Program when the Juliets were still a part of it. Nothing special about it unless you have an attachment to the word.

  4. Vman41


    Interesting, I knew someone here would know what's up. :)

  5. Barricade


    Yikes. That etching looks terrible. Poor Juliets
    SiRacer420 likes this.

  6. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    poor juliet . . .

    good DIY/Modding pair - bit expensive.

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