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Juliet Gen 3 & Gen 5 Value


Oakley Beginner
I currently have 2 pairs of Juliets;
  • One pair of Gen 3 Plasma with Ice Polarised which are as new, boxed and never been worn for more than 60 seconds inside the house.
  • One pair of Gen 5 polished, with Fire Iridium Polarised and hammerstems (with original box) which have been worn constantly since purchase. These have now have brand new polarised lens's fitted (thanks to Gunn) and polished in an attempt to make them look like new again.
My question is if I'm going to carry on wearing a pair, is one more valuable / collectible than the other or are they both so common the values are quite similar?

The Gen 5 Juliets have a lot of sentimental value and as I've managed to scratch 3 pairs of lens's since I got them I'm wondering if I should try and buy a 'beater set' to wear and not worry if I damage them in any way.

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Oakley Expert
United kingdom
In terms of where they are in the Juliet hierarchy they are probably worth similar money. However a Polished Juliet Gen 5 looks the same as a Gen 1, Plus the hammerstem Juliets are always popular. So in all likelihood would be slightly more valuable.

Although some people like 2nd or 3rd Gen Plasma, Most purists (of which i include myself) prefer the Gen 1 "Bone" texture finish. The Ice lenses in the Gen 1 are more "vivid" in their depth of colour than the later releases.

So imho the Plasma would be the one i would be more "liberal" with, As it were.

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