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Juliet help needed



Bought my second pair of Juliets today. Unfortunately no original packaging, the lenses are completely shot but the frame is in great shape. There is no serial number which made me a bit weary about the purchase, but the left lens has "polarized" etched in it and for $100 it was worth the gamble to me. I'm convinced they are real but not sure when they were made. I'm not very educated when it comes to x-metals so any help is appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great weekend !

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Congrats! Those look legit, more photos always helps though (specifically the back of the nose bridge). Look like a plasma finish with ice iridium lenses. I also would have picked those up for $100! Nice find!

They look good, more pics would help to be 100%. No serial means they are 4th generation. There are quite a few threads with detailed explanations on serials if you search the X-metals section. I'd say a bill is a good deal! Congrats :drinks:

Thanks for the help guys. I removed the earsocks because they were pretty sticky and gross, and they'll definitely need the tune up.

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