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  1. Ronald Julian

    Ronald Julian Oakley Beginner

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    Hi, I've been collecting oakleys since 2002. I bought this Juliet Ichiro from ebay around 2005. I don't know that early juliets suppose to have serial numbers. I am 100% my ichiro is original since this is my 5th juliet already. Polished frame, emerald slate with signature and green earsock, nose and temple rubbers. Since I was exposed to others collectors, serial numbers seem to be important so I looked at all my julets, and xs, most of the have and some don't. By my ichiro doesn't have a serial number which I understand that all ichiro have serials. Was there a switch in frames when I bought them?
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  2. joycy

    joycy Oakley Enthusiast

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    Some of the emerald slate Ichiro's didn't come with serials, I am nut sure witch generation was it, but as long as you have the original box, I think you are fine.
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  3. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Post up some pics and someone will be able to tell you exactly what you have. A serial may or may not matter, depends on a bunch of factors - glasses, condition, generation etc.