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Juliet Ichiros


Oakley Beginner
Has anyone seen or owned the Japanese edition of Juliets with Polished Carbon frame? It's got white ear socks and hammered ear stems. I've been looking everywhere online for them, but the cheapest i've found is around $2000...and im considering it...haha
I've never even seen a picture of them...like an actual picture, just the stock pictures. I don't remember exactly how long it was produced for but I want to say it was only a few months before Ichiro asked that it be pulled because he didn't like them. The frame itself from what information I have gathered is the same finish as the X Squared Polished Carbon...which is a really nice finish. Is it worth $2000? Well...if I had money to burn I'd own it....its the only Carbon X Metal ever with hammerstems and its a very nice piece...but I'm not losing sleep over the fact I don't have it in the collection.
I just love those hammered ear stems...I've seen a few auctions come and go with actual in hand pictures. I had no idea Ichiro wanted them pulled...that sucks.
I have seen real pics of them, they will appeal to some people but not to others. I just googled the images for spite.
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I can't understand why he didn't like them. Those look amazing!

What I don't get is why he wears plain old Flak Jackets (maybe Oakley and MLB have an exclusive deal for that model specifically because EVERY player seems to wear the Flak in his teams colors)....I'd be telling the company to get me something a little more "dramatic".
How about my ichiroes...
I can't understand why he didn't like them. Those look amazing!

There wasn't green on it, I get the impression that the color green is a special sacred color in asian cultures so that could be why. The second version has green lenses and green earsocks.

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