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Juliet lens peeling around orbital


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Well first of all, congratulations on your first pair of Oakley's. šŸ¤˜šŸ¼The X-Metal is the best, in my opinion, to start off with.

That's quite common, my first pair is also the Juliet. But mine didn't start to flake after a few years, and I wore them frequently. Whoever had them probably didn't store them right? Moisture with friction will cause them to flake quicker. I have a bunch of those silica gel pouches to put inside the soft vault when I'm not wearing my Juliets because the humidity in Los Angeles can be gnarly sometimes.


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Loosen up the the orbital screws a bit to reduce the pressure to the lens circumference.
A wise idea, especially if itā€™s an earlier generation, the lens circumference for gen1 Juliet varies substantially than with that of a gen5.


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San Francisco
Thanks for everyone's input - I ended up getting some Prizm Black lenses cut by @Chris A Hardaway. (Thanks Chris!) I'm not a collector, so this is probably the best approach for me rather than sourcing OEM lenses (which are probably hard to find and subject to the same peeling issue). I like that they look similar while providing the contrast of the Prizm lenses.

Here's a pic of the lenses. Prizm Black on top and Black Iridium Polarized on the bottom - The peeling around the old lenses was pretty uniform, perfectly around the edges.

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