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  1. Beancooker

    Beancooker Oakley Enthusiast

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    AWESOME!!! Both are custom cut lenses. One is a Jade Iridium, the other is a +Red Iridium. The lenses are perfectly cut. There were zero fitment issues, they fit as if they were made by Oakley. The bevel on the edges was good also. They look fantastic. I highly recommend his lenses and his quality of work. Thank you Infinite Hero. These look amazing and I will really enjoy having these in my Juliets. I thought I would like the +Red more, but the Jade is surprisingly awesome. Much nicer than I expected.
    Juliet Lenses From User Infinite Hero - mike_zpse1bab919.gif
    Now some pics to show off the goods.

    Juliet Lenses From User Infinite Hero - IMG_0464_zps4a1cddb6.jpg

    Juliet Lenses From User Infinite Hero - IMG_0467_zpse97a772e.jpg

    Juliet Lenses From User Infinite Hero - IMG_0469_zps1bd835c2.jpg

    Juliet Lenses From User Infinite Hero - IMG_0471_zps12dea7f2.jpg
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  2. Cargo

    Cargo JFL lover

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    Those jades look sick. Same with the +reds
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  3. InfiniteHero

    InfiniteHero Entrepreneur Premium Member

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    So happy you like them, sometimes due to different frame orbital sizes, fitting generalized lenses sometimes there is an issue. Some are tighter than others, Many difficulties with them. I Machine cut some, and oversize the OD by about 1.2mm. The Bevel is cut very small on the machine cut ones. Interestingly on a pair of Juliets, one orbital will measure 1.5mm OD (outside diameter) smaller than the other. ITs random, but they are all different. This makes a difference in length and width for each lens. Explains why even some Factory lenses have fitment issues. Most people go by the charts too, and think the Juliets, XX, and Penny lenses are a 8.75 curvature. They are not. They are actually closer to a 9. Techincally 8.91 to 8.97 between 6 Factory lenses I have and measured. Hope this explains a lot, I know there are other threads but I had to research this myself. If members read this, and do get a set of lenses from me, and if there is an issue, I will work it out so your happy in the end. No worries
  4. Ares176

    Ares176 Oakley Beginner

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    Can't wait for my Violet Iridium lens to arrive...