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This is a very nice Juliet Plasma 1st Generation. This Juliet had an X-Metal service this summer and has not been worn afterwards. So the nosebridge is as tight as it gets. All rubbers are brand new. The potential buyer has the option between Ruby, Ice or Fire Iridium. All lenses are 10/10. If you want an extra pair of lenses please allow 50USD on top.

As mentioned this Juliet has a serial number. However, this number is only hardly readable. Before the X-Metal service the number was clearly visible so I know that this piece originally is a Plasma with Ice Iridium 1st generation. With a 10x magnifier you can still identify the JI at the beginning and a 1 at the end.

I will be in the US from 24 November on. I can take the Juliet with me and ship it inside the US. So, no problem here. If somebody in Europe is interested: no problem either as long as you decide to buy before 20 November or so.

Price: 250USD with lenses of your choice incl. shipping inside the US + 4% Paypal (unless you send the money F&F).

Best regards


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