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Juliet repairs

I still have the original lens on here witch are ice and I like them so I wanna try an restore these as close as possible to factory.
Last time I checked with Oakley Europe (May) they still had Ice iridium polarized (not listed, but they had some spares), but not the normal Ice lens. Might be worth sending an email since Ice lenses for Juliets have been hard to find lately. Oakley in the US might have some if you make a polite call.

I requested a list with available lenses for Juliet at the beginning of august at customer care europe:

91-289 X Metal Juliet Lens Bronze Polarized 90 €
91-293 X Metal Juliet Lens Grey Polarized 90 €
91-294 X Metal Juliet Lens Slate Irdium 60 €
91-290 X Metal Juliet Lens Dark Bronze 50 €
91-299 X Metal Juliet Lens Warm Grey 50 €
15-215 X Metal Juliet Lens G30 Iridium 60 €
91-292 X Metal Juliet Lens Grey 50 €
91-297 X Metal Juliet Lens Tungsten Irdium Polarized 100 €
15-205 Juliet Gold Iridium 60 €
15-204 X Metal Juliet Lens Black Iridium 60 €
15-208 Juliet Lens Ice Iridium 60 €
15-216 Penny Lens Black Iridium 60 €
15-218 Penny Lens VR28 Black Iridium 60 €

Can not guarantee if still valid. What I can say is that at least the Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses are only without Polarized tag available, they mentioned this stock they still have was for custom tags intended.

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