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Juliet Ruby Lens Price


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Good Morning, Peeps!!

I have a question that is prob gonna start a frenzy and I know a lot of you will prob think I'm nuts, but...

Last year, I acquired another set of Juliets. I then purchased my Juliet Ruby lenses from my original pair, but they were too dark for my taste, so I had another pair custom cut and have been happy with them. I was saving the original set, but am now realizing that since I'm not a "collector" in the traditional sense of the word, it's kind of pointless for me to save them, and truth be told, I'm likely to damage them while in storage, so I'd rather them go to a good home. The problem now is that I really don't know what that particular pair is worth. I was going to put them up on the Exchange Forum, but didn't know if I could do a "Feeler" thread. If I've posted this in the wrong forum, please forgive me, inform me and I will gladly move this to the proper location.

For reference, I posted up pics of the comparison between the two lenses in my original Juliet Help Thread last April. The can be found here in post #44.

Juliet Ruby Lens Question

And here are pics of the actual lenses:

Oakley 1.jpg
Oakely 2.jpg

Thank you for any comments, concerns, advice or questions. :help:

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Serial that these lenses came from is X02691. These were purchased in '99. Not sure if they're "First Gen", but they sure aren't Fruby. Take a look at the comparison pics from the referenced thread in the first post.


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in the interests of full disclosure, I've been in discussion with the 'seller' for these lenses for the last two days (time difference slows it down). i should have put 'PM' here, but it's not a sale thread and my initial query wasn't an offer so much as asking for more info...


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