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Juliet Serial Numbers Question


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Denver, CO
I know very little about X Metals since I am just kind of getting into them. A guy on CL is selling a used old pair for pretty cheap, and I am not sure if it is real or not. I asked him to give me the number inside the earstem and he gave me: JE033827A....does this look like a legit serial number?
Looks good. That indicates a Plasma frame with emerald lenses. The A also means its a second generation plasma frame, which is good becasue you should not have any discoloration issues with those.
The JE033827 would be refering to a Plasma/Emerald Juliet but im not so sure about the A it may be a second run im guessing? I havent seen this on a Juliet before?
Thanks for the quick reply guys, y'all are awesome :). I haven't bought em yet but might pick em up today. The guy wants $100 for em...gonna check out the frame but he said lenses are scratched a bit which I am gonna replace anyways. No box or coin though...still a good deal you think?
If they have to be sent in for a tune-up you're looking at $70 + the cost of new lenses, but if the frames are in good shape and all you have to do is replace the lenses...I would say $100 is a good deal.
Sweet, yea he said the nosebridge is just a tad loose but I do plan on getting the new lenses and sending it in for a tune up...hmm decisions decisions...thanks for the quick assistance as well.
depends on what a tad loose is-may only be minor-unless the nose bridge is just totally shot-I'd say its a good deal
Meh I just met up with the guy. The nose bridge was really loose, the rubbers and lens were beat. I passed since I didn't want to go through the trouble of the tune up and all. If the nose bridge wasn't that bad I probably would have taken them.