Oakley Beginner
I am new to Collecting Juliets
I have been buying them over the last couple of months.
I ordered a new pair of x metals from the vault
I was surprised to see that one arm touched the frame when folded in.
I have several pairs like that ,but also have several that neither arm touches the frame when closed.
Needless to say I sent the new pair in for a refund,
I am in the process of sending 2 pair in for a tune up.
I hope that they correct the folding arm issue.
I will post when they return
Any one else have experience on the Juliet tuneup from Oakley?

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Los Angeles, CA
None of my X-Metals touch the frame when folded. I have a Juliet, X-Squared, and two pairs of X-Metal XX's.

I've walked my Juliets into HQ once. I had them do a tune up of sorts, but the guy who worked on them did a sloppy job. He didn't put the rubber washers back on correctly. I need to take them in again some time soon for another tune up.

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