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Juliet With Prescription Lens


Oakley Beginner
hi guys, newbie here! i don't know if there are any related topics similar to this one in the past, i couldn't find the search button here. sorry. :confused:

anyway, i use prescription eyeglasses ( im using 120/75 grade, nearsighted) and I couldn't use my Juliet that much coz i have to wear my glasses most of the time especially driving.

is it possble to use the frame of the Juliet for a prescription lenses? have anyone tried it before? is there any special brand of prescription lenses for such this curved frames? i was thinking of using AIRWEAR (polycarbonate) lenses since these are the most commonly available here in my country (Philippines), but is it possible?

any suggestions will be highly appreciated. thanks!!! :smile:
I have 5 pair of Oakley RX.. one was X Metal XX that I got through my optometrist from Oakley., although now my X Metal XX or non-RX I am sure the Juliets would be the same

I also have a Pair of Why 8.0 with Clear lenses RX I still wear too
Brip, would a regular prescription lens do on a x-metals?
understand that these frames have a curvature of 8.75 and surely would cause a distoration right?
i think i'm right in saying it's the lens that has the curvature, not the frame. an x-metal frame will take any lens curvature.
A prescription lens won't have the same curvature, they're introducing a calculated distortion.... that's how they work. Optometrists should be able to get your prescription oversized in a polycarbonate lens and trim to fit your frame.
Oakley offers prescription but when I asked it was like $3xx for transition prescription. So it is possible. Having that said, it is possible. Given that you are in the Phil. they custom cut for you at a cheaper price. That is where I used to send my Oakley prescription to get prescription lenses with transitions.
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