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Juliet X-Metal Prescription lenses


Oakley Beginner
Hello everyone. New to the forum. I’m a long time Oakley user, starting with some A frames in high school (90’s), and some Juliet X-Metals in college.

I’m getting older, and contacts are starting to irritate my eyes. I’d love to get prescription lenses fitted to my Juliet’s, but Oakley doesn’t seem to provide them anymore, and my local optometrist won’t cut lenses for them.

One google search later, I’m led to this forum. Anyone still making lenses for these?
I have no idea tbh. I didn't even think you could get prescription lens for Juliets due to the curvature. Single vision Nikon lens would work out at around £200 over here
I would def shop around and compare apples to apples.
Digital lenses, polarized, specialty lens colors (not just grey, brown, or green standard), special bevel for wrap, position of wear measurements, custom fit lenses, premium oleiphobic, scratch resistant, hydrophobic, backside anti reflective coated. If made by oakley, maui jim, shamir, varilux / essilor, or anything else like that you'll certainly find $400usd to $500 is totally normal.
Good luck on the hunt or message me to order anytime.