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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey guys, I got a couple of plasma Juliet that I wanna let go of, the first one is a plasma ice, frame is in great condition, doesn't need a tune up, rubbers are new. The right lens needs to be replaced since it has a deep scratch that affects vision, left lens is in great condition. SOLD shipped
    Edit: I just ordered a set of new Ice lenses from O so this one will have new lenses (will ship the old ones too)

    Second is a Plasma with fire polarized lens, great piece. Both lenses are in excellent condition and so is the frame, no need for a tune up SOLD

    Also have a couple of lenses, one set is a 24K XX, both lenses have scratches 5/10, and the other set is an Ice XX set, some specks in both lenses, nothing that affects vision 8/10 looking to get $100 for both
    Prices are shipped CONUS, no Paypal fees included so you know what to do lol, $35 bucks for international using a fully tracked service.

    You know that I'm always good for trades, best offers or partial trades

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 01FCA517-2BDC-44AE-A6B0-E5DA009DCBF4-4021-000001C1232B0BD2_zpsf7643cc7.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 78CFF2AF-0077-4D4E-8500-7E65FC2F51D2-4021-000001C171EB8752_zpsa879e765.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - D3DEF8B0-EA19-4DA2-9C26-18B95C5D66B1-4021-000001C16A44AD86_zps2ee02300.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 5B78A0A0-1293-456B-8AD5-58984655FEC7-4021-000001C160DEF2BF_zps79a75488.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - EBDC02C4-B371-4847-A07F-539936B91699-4021-000001C148034455_zps27932438.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 267D6C23-5D61-4B22-A776-55570782BDF9-4021-000001C140E21AD6_zpsfd3c5d0e.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - E41EAC15-6135-435D-8BF9-8B4965CA39EC-4021-000001C0D31FF244_zps382722a6.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 6D746492-79A7-4C20-A04B-2FD8B86E846C-4021-000001C0C7B77508_zps3adc28e2.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - FE96539C-3055-4094-BEAE-40F990107486-4021-000001C0E36EAAAF_zps6ecff9ab.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - B746649E-6577-403A-A938-775AE94B1653-4021-000001C133A4CD39_zps237356ac.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - 20C3ABE7-05F1-4BEC-9874-2056CB4B0197-4021-000001C1C3AEE0FE_zps27cfc7fe.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - A447AF96-1BE7-45EA-A6AE-375491522E0E-4021-000001C1BE4963B8_zpsca60de8c.jpg

    Juliets Plasma First Generation - A9FF3C48-EBD5-4DE2-BEBD-9FEEF519A6FD-4021-000001C1B98074D1_zpsfc797a0b.jpg
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Interested in the plasma/fire Juliet's.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous The Oakley R┼Źnin

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Plasma Fire sold
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Is there a box and coin with the Plasma/Ice, or is what you see is what you get?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Both Juliets sold, thanks