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Jupiter Carbon icon removal

Ben G

Oakley Expert
Essex, UK
I did try a search, but couldn't find anything. can the icons be removed easily or are they glued in place? I'm wanting to do a swap between two frames.

Also, whilst you're here, is there a specific size/ number Philips screwdriver needed to remove the hinges, none of my small drivers fit and didn't know whether I can just by size.

Cheers chaps
If they're anything like the jupiter factory lite which if I remember correctly the hinges are similar between the two the two phillips that hold the hinge to the arm also hold the icon onto the arms as well. The screws go thru the hinges and screw into the icons.
Ah, nice one. The arms pretty much look identical to my jfl's so hopefully that is the case! Just got to continue my hunt for the right driver then get screwing!

Cheers dude
I used a wera size 0 Philips if I recall. Be careful with them. They're surprisingly tight for how small of a screw they are.
Don't worry, im always welcoming to a tight screw :D

Just looked on fleabay for one of those drives, 99p later, I shall be modding in a few days :cool-33: cheers dude
Just make sure to buy a quality driver. Cheap ones will not fit correctly and strip out the screw head fairly easily.
Found a decent driver at work, so got them swapped over, nice & easy.

The main reason is that I noticed that Oakley have started doing Sapphire replacement lenses for JS's, perfect no need for a custom cut. So I got ahold of a black JC's popped the lenses in and happy days, but needed that finishing touch, so I wanted to steal the blue icons off the set I use as my 'safety' glasses at work..




The blue icons on the black are a finishing touch, the devil is in the details! This has become my new go-to daily wearer :cool-20:

My work pair: the brushed metal icons tie in better with the fact that I work with metal every day, lol