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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by jongvillegas, 2/19/11.

  1. jongvillegas


    Hi Guys! just want to share what i experienced with my oakley jupiter lately.... I'm living here in the Philippines, so due to the weather, I normally wear sunglasses all day long.. I purchased the jupiter about 3 years ago, I was loving it and I wasn't experiencing any problems until as of late. I noticed that the inner face of my jupiter lenses started peeling off... I don't know if it's the weather factor here in my country that is causing it but it really bothers me a lot because it's the first pair of oakleys i've had and i really love it. Maybe you guys can help me out.... Thanks- Jong

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  2. Tap Twist Snap

    Tap Twist Snap

    I've had that happen on 2 pairs of oakleys over a period for a few years. I actually asked at the optometrist what could be happening to the lenses and they told me to never wear your sunglasses on my head as eventually the chemicals in shampoo and the oil from your hair will eat the coating away. So if you are doing that it could well be the cause. I stopped doing it since I started wearing more expensive pairs and have had no troubles. I'm not sure if you cleaned them with oakley cleaner after that would stop it happening. I just don't risk it anymore.

  3. Admin

    Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Wow I never knew that your hair could do that to your sunglasses. I would try calling oakley customer service and tell them what is happening just to see what they say, maybe they'll help or send you a little something for the trouble. :D

  4. Adzi


    Yeah,, as that guy said.. the coating added to the lenses has a certain chemical makeup, and especially if you wear them everyday the chemicals from your skin or any oil based solutions like hair gel, sun cream etc can cause a chemical reaction where the lense will start to peal or bubble up.. best way to counter that.. buy a hydropobic oakley solution and apply to your lenses..

    This could also be caused by a fault in the lenses.. During the lense coating process, the lab in the USA is completely clean out to try and eradicate all possible chances of a hair or dust particles getting under the coating.. if that happens, the problem you have could also happen.

    If you get in touch with Oakley they will fix those glasses for you as they have to treat it as if it was a problem on their part.

    Hope that helps


  5. OakleyGuru379


    The anti-reflective coating is whats peeling off of your lens. This usually happens to lenses that come into contact with skin oils, such as open framed glasses like half jackets. This is not a major problem, just a cosmetic one. The best way to prevent this from happening again is to keep your lenses clean. Your weather has nothing to do with it.
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  6. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    FWIW, wearing them on your head isn't a problem if you occasionally clean your glasses properly.


  7. deegee


    Welcome to the forum kabayan. . As per batwolf as long as you regularly clean your lenses you should be good but to answer your question it's the coating on the lens that's peeling off due to the sweat or any other chemicals in the hair. I'll try to look for the thread where you can try to revive it. I'll post later.


  8. erap


    Same here... Any suggestion on how to remove the scratches? Removed the peelings by washing

  9. reggavegga


    I had a pair of gascans peel but under a year so warranty fixed it sent in the whole pair and copy of receipt. Yours being that old they may or may not help you.

  10. CarbonAmber6


    Hey guys,

    I have a pair of Oakley Why 8.2 Amber Black Iridium polarized sunglasses, and a coating on the lenses have been peeling/flaking off. I own over 10 pairs of Oakleys and I have never had this problem with any other pair. It started off with what appeared to be a tiny scratch when I bought them (and got a small discount for it), but over time they have began to peel all over. I don't know if the scratch was unrelated, or a sign of something faulty, but the damage is now all over the lenses in different areas, mostly on the front, but some on the back too. And when I say peeling/flaking, I mean there is nothing visible peeling off here.. it appears almost as if they were burned off by acid. Now needless to say I take very good care of all my sunglasses, so they weren't exposed to any radical substances. I may have worn them to the beach, and I have exercised with them on so at worst they may have been exposed to sweat or sunscreen run offs. However, I religiously keep them clean, cleaning them after any exercise or trip to the beach, etc and always clean them when I haven't worn them in a while. It's not like I went swimming with them on or anything, so I don't understand what could have possibly caused this.

    The only reason I bought them with the small scratch was because Oakley had just discontinued them, and I went through a looot of work to track them down... they were the last pair available in Texas. Sadly since they were discontinued since the moment I bough them, there is nothing Oakley can do about them (They are also out of warranty a few years). I have had a look at the "reviving an old lens" thread, and have revived it. Anywho, I just wanted to share my story.

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