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Jupiter Squared & Dispatch II

The Jupiter Squared look pretty good, I might pick a pair up. Probably the Polished Black/Warm Grey colourway if I do, but since I don't really like grey lenses and prefer ones with an iridium coating I think I'll wait it out and see if they add them to the custom line-up anytime soon.
The Polished Black w/ Jade will probably be my Pickup if they fit alright. Too bad the Oakley stores get them like a month later. As for the Dispatch II, didn't the original just come out last year?
@Oakley_Sight These have been up on the UK site for a little while now, both around the £115 mark.

I would have been all over the Black/Jade Jupiter Squared had I just not bought MotoGP Holbrook's. Not to fond of the holes on the arm, but the unobtanium is a plus.
...As for the dispatch not my style at all ;)