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  1. angst987

    angst987 Oakley Beginner

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    Hi all, been wearing Oakley shades and goggles most of my life but first time on the forum!!

    I got a pair of gloss black Jupiter Squared only a few months ago and the right earsock already is loose and slides off easily, even if I'm just removing the shades. I used to have the same problem with my old M-frame earsocks but it was after a long time of use.

    Is this normal, and is there a good method to fix them back to the frame short of gluing or buying new earsocks?

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  2. Mr X Metal

    Mr X Metal Oakley Enthusiast

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    Don't glue them. In my experience, sweat and gunk can cause this. Or the Earsock may have stretched or whatever. I would remove them and clean the frame as well as the socks. Reapply. If the problem still persists, spend the $13 on a new sock kit.