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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Mrs H, 8/15/11.

  1. Mrs H

    Mrs H

    Having stumbled upon a picture of a pair of clear/violet Jupiters on the throwbackchampion's thread I'm now thinking that maybe I'd quite like a pair too..... Anyone got any thoughts?? Are they nice in real life? I do like that lens having already got it in my conducts

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. FrogTastic


    I did a swop with my 24k jupiters. Making White frame/purple band/violet lenses and clear/gold band/24k lenses. I like them

  3. M0NTY26


    Ive had some black on black jupiters for a year now and I still wear them almost daily. One of my favorite pairs.
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  4. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    i have quite a few jupiters. they first caught my eye with their 24k lenses. i have the standard white/24k, DIY custom a polished black/24k. and have a few splatter jupiters as well. =) nice pair to have to me.

  5. Kaduku


    I saw a pair of Shaun White signature series Jupiters at a store here and I love the lens color.

  6. SpliceD


    I have the Clear/Violet Jupiters and the Crystal Red/Ruby Jupiters. I love them both. If i can rock them, i'm POSITIVE you can rock them. Although might i make a suggestion that you get the Sold Out Jupiters:

    Oakley Sold Out Oakley JupiterĀ® available online at Oakley Vault

    Jupiters...... ? - BAh7CGkKIgw2Nzh4MzE2aQtsKwcoGdxMaQhpA3iwAQ.jpg

    I originally wanted these, but i couldn't justify the cost at the time. Not to mention i got a hookup on the ones i have :smile:
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  7. The Game

    The Game

    I like my Shaun whites and Ducati jupiters. Very casual and looks good

  8. Mrs H

    Mrs H

    Hi Splice, I saw the sold out ones online last night and do like them too but think I'm gunna need to haul to the local Oakley stockists asap to see if I can track them down and try them on. I tend to suit a larger lens so they should be ok in theory. . .

  9. Mrs H

    Mrs H

    Yeah, I saw all your cool 24k in the pic you have listed. Must say it is very impressive. I think I will invest if they suit me. Also, RE customizing..... We might have a problem... Whilst Herbsley was browsing various paints for his jono'd Hijinx we happened upon a pink/gold Tamiya paint which is gorgeous!!! So obviously now I want my own custom O's in that colour!! :cool:

  10. Mrs H

    Mrs H

    Hi frog, do you have any pics of them??

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