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Just Missed Out On A Tron Pit Boss :(


Oakley Beginner
So today I was off work with nothing to do so I said, "Hey why not?", and started looking for a tron pit boss just for fun. I google search the phrase "Tron Pit Boss craigslist" and what do you know, I find one in Savannah, GA. The seller was entertaining all offers and trades and didn't even list a price. His main concern was that they just didnt fit his head. He wasnt an Oakley guy and wasnt into the whole collectibility of the item either.

Two things that often work against me. One, I am a college student, so I can't afford to just shell out anywhere from $450-750 for one I find online. And two, I am in Arizona while most of these tron pit boss listings are in the east coast or the south.

But I said once again why not, and decided to hit him up, offering my Devil's Brigade Antix (something I never usually do), my STPL Holbrook with Ruby and my Shaun White Dispatch. He like all three but had a job that required him to move around alot and had more than one address. He also had paid $500 for them, and didnt trust shipping them. He said that if I ever "came any close to Savannah or Florida, we could deal there, but other than that, its not gonna happen unfortunately"

So I just misseed out on getting it for a good deal :mad:. I guess my wallet is gonna have to find out the hard way. Oh well, maybe for my 21st birthday in a few months. :dance3:

Here's his listing.

Tron Limited Edition PITBOSS Oakleys

He said I was the first one to call about it since it was posted (10/30). So hopefully one of you guys have luck getting it. :smile:

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