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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Coolluke, 10/3/11.

  1. Coolluke


    Just picked up a pair of Oakley Mag Four's for a low price on Ebay-I can't seem to find a face shot with these-does anybody have a face shot with these so I can see how they look on the face-thanks

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  2. reggavegga


    I have the mag 4 s . but no face shots.

  3. Coolluke


    How do you like them?

  4. reggavegga


    they are one of my older pairs they are small. My face isnt small so i dont ever wear them. got them from a buddt a long time ago that used to know an oakley rep.

  5. mpmcgaughey


    I have them - don't wear them though because...supposedly the ceramic coating breaks down from sweat and corrodes after too much wear. So these remain in their box and only are a collectors piece.

  6. Coolluke


    Mag 4

    Surely somebody actually wears these things......all you guys with dozens and dozens of Oakley....surely one of you guys wears these every now and then and has a face shot


  7. mpmcgaughey


  8. Coolluke


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